10 Travel Accessories Every Foodie Needs

You’ll wish you’d known about these sooner.

1. A Tote With A ‘Tude


Why you need it: Doesn’t this bag say it all? Whenever I’m heading over to a girl’s night in party, I always bring wine. This cute bag holds two bottles and has a divider to prevent that awkward clinking while you navigate those crowded subways.

Get from Nordstrom for $38.90 (20% off list price) 


2. Slice of Solace

Why you need it: Need a good flight’s sleep? This fun and fruity pillow will keep those neck aches pains at bay. Who doesn’t love squishy pillows?!

Get from Amazon for $15.99



3.  Much-Needed Matcha


Why you need it: Jet-lag no more! I love that I can throw a stick of matcha tea into my tote, run to court, and continue my caffeine high for a client meeting!

Get from Nordstrom for $20.00


4. Adorable Avocado Luggage Tags


Why you need it: It’s elegant. It’s stylish. And it’ll make you extra happy when it helps you identify your black luggage at JFK.

Get from Amazon for $6.99



5. Marvelous Grapefruit Mask

Why you need it: When your gin and tonic isn’t lulling you to sleep, nothing works better than an old-fashioned eye mask!

Get from Amazon for $13.99


6. Pescatarian Passport Holder 

Why you need it: Protecting your passport in style? Heck yes. I love that this is a subtle pattern; perfect for seafood lovers.

Get from Amazon for $17.99


7. Mini Espresso Maker


Why you need it: Imagine this – a Nespresso capsule and hot water. Hand pump and pour.  I love how fast and simple this is!

Get from Bed Bath & Beyond for $59.99


8. Beautiful Bento

Why you need it: Traveling to work is a very real thing when you work in Connecticut. I am absolutely obsessed with my bento box. The wooly lunchbox is adorable, the straps are the perfect length and the bento box is leak-proof!

Get from Amazon $28.99


9. Sensational Sushi Socks


Why you need it: Is it just me, or do are your toes always freezing on flights? These adorable sushi socks are the perfect solution!

Get from Modcloth for $12.00


10. Gourmet Travel Guide

Why you need it: Start your food adventure with this go-to guide!

Get from Amazon Kindle for $9.99 




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