Champs Diner

I can’t believe how quickly time flies!  One of my nearest and dearest friends, C has finally left for Montreal.  She was a French exchange student at my law school and we became super close–I even visited her in Paris when I visited last October!  Since we graduated from law school, she went off to do amazing things at the UN, which was lucky for me because she was so close!

One of C’s favorite places is Champs Diner in Brooklyn. Champs is an all-vegan diner, that doesn’t compromise flavor for substitutions.  It’s a tiny restaurant with no more than 50 seats, but let me tell you, this place is CONSTANTLY packed.  And for good reason!

C and I stopped by for brunch and were super excited to catch up before her internship ended.  The restaurant has fresh juices, so I ordered a yummy carrot juice that paired wonderfully with my meal.  We ordered the Soltero Bowl and the Drunken Cowgirl!

Both were spicy, filling and incredibly flavorful.

I definitely recommend this hang out for your favorite vegan! Just make sure you’re willing to wait around; sadly there are no reservations!



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