Pilar Artisanal Chocolate

The newest stop for everything yummy in Stamford is here! Pilar Artisanal Chocolates is a relatively new shop  on Bedford Street.  But don’t mistake this sweet-titled store as solely catering to your devilish side; Pilar sets itself apart from other chocolate shops in the area by also selling coffees and fresh juices!

My friend L and I stopped by after happy hour for a much needed sweet treat.  We stopped into Pilar and were amazed at the intricacies of the chocolate moldings that can be gifted for any occasion!  Since pretty much everything is handmade in their factory, Pilar has complete quality & freshness control.

Not only are the truffles  and chocolate pastries something to admire, but so are the coffees and espressos.  L and I both ordered the chocolate and sea salt caramel latte (Sm $4.74//Lg $5.50).  Don’t let my to-go cup photo ruin your taste buds (sorry I couldn’t snap a better photo for you guys!), this latte is genuinely one of my favorites EVER.


The richness of the chocolate is completely balanced with the sea salt–neither of which overpower each other.  The milk provides the much needed frothy texture and is such a delight!

Have you been to Pilar? What’s your favorite chocolate shop in Stamford?


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