Sweets and Treats in Decatur

A short distance away from Atlanta sits the family-friendly, quaint town of Decatur. Lined with little bookshops, restaurants and cafes, lies The Café at Cakes & Ale’s. 

We stopped by on a Sunday to get some light reading and studying done and found this cute cafe right in the Decatur Square. They sell scones, croissants, desserts, cookies, and pastries made from scratch! 

The best part of this cafe(besides the homemade pastries and snacks starting at 7am Tuesday to Friday and starting at 9am Saturday & Sunday) is that, Tuesday through Saturday, the Café transitions to a full wine bar serving a variety of small plates starting at 6pm! 

The boyfriend and I each started out with coffee; I ordered the lavender latte and he ordered a cappuccino. Although I didn’t really get a huge hint of lavender, I really enjoyed the ratio of milk to coffee. After some hard work studying, we figured we deserved a sweet treat and took a quick look at the pastries.  Hearing our waiter describe the chocolate bundt cake, made it really easy to decide what we would snack on. The cakes here are truly amazing {think: rich, dense but not too heavy or sweet}. 

Too Long, Didn’t Read?

This place is a great stop for decent coffee and AMAZING cakes and sweets. The service was really wonderful and it’s just a short hop from midtown Atlanta. 


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