One for the bucket list! My bestie, A, from law school came into town and as any good host would do, I set out out to find the perfect itinerary for my fellow foodie friend.

As I mentioned in my earliest post (Spring Edition Bucket List), the idea of going to the “Woodstock for Foodies” has always been on my to-do list.  Knowing that Smorgasburg has only been in season for two weeks,   I figured A and I could go ahead and catch up as we walk and fill ourselves up with tasty treats!

An important thing to know about my friendship with A–she’s down for anything and everything AND she’s an amazing planner/organizer.  Example? On our subway ride down, we discussed a potential game plan for Smorgasburg. Loop around once? Eat as we go? What are our dietary restrictions and needs? Are we going to try that raindrop cake everyone keeps mentioning? I think it’s probably our background as lawyers, A and I also proceeded to chat about the things we absolutely needed to try (as based off a lot of Pinterest research).

Because the two of us have very similar dietary restrictions (aka we can pretty much eat anything) and because we love the same style of food (aka sweet, savory, spicy, bitter..again pretty much anything), we decided we would split everything we bought.  Key Tip- if you’re going to Smorgasburg, bring a buddy who isn’t afraid to eat out of the same bowl…or kebab!

Below are some photos of one of our favorite vendors:

East Coast Poke: Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl $11


These guys were so absolutely fabulous and their food is so good and fresh.  This station was on the top of our researched list and we knew we’d have to visit it first.  I’m so glad we did! Even though it’s $11.00, the amount of tuna is actually a lot.  I was worried they’d give us skimpy portions, which some food festivals are known to do (booo) but when we got this bowl, we knew we’d be happy campers.  The toppings include sesame and wasabi crunch!

East Coast Poke : Wander For Delicious

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