Close your eyes and imagine this: a cute, tiny, local café with awesome art and a feeling of natural trendiness. The shop naturally exudes a cool, calm and collected atmosphere with a vibrant mural on top of brick as well as a neatly stacked mugs and other trinkets for purchase. Now open your eyes—you’re at Lorca. This tiny little coffee shop is a timeless gem in the middle of Bedford Street in Stamford. Can’t believe it? Neither could I!
For those of you who have to see to believe, check out the photos below :  

{Cute Signage}

Obsessed with this cute sign. Where can I buy one?! 


{Fig and Prosciutto with Provolone Panini}

This was toasted perfectly and the portion was great!  

{Churros with Nutella and Dulce de Leche Dipping Sauces}

Both sauces where so phenomenal, I can’t decide which I like most! 

{Latte Art} 

Overall, Lorca is my new coffee go-to. It’s totally affordable and delicious. A great, local alternative to your typical Starbucks. Not to mention the fact that the baristas were super nice!


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