Bareburger…for brunch? Yes, I know what you’re thinking–why on earth would you stop by a burger place in Stamford for brunch? Well I’ll give you the answer: the Bareburger Hash Sheesh bowl. 

The hash sheesh comes with a sunny side up organic egg, aged cheddar, brisket, and potato hash. This was everything I could’ve wanted and more. The egg was cooked perfectly as was the brisket. 
Now technically, the top of the menu (as pictured here) says that coffee or tea is included. So, I decided to go with a classic green tea – Jasmine petal. It was really delicious and I was generally very satisfied with our meal, until the bill came out and we were charged separately for the coffee and tea. NOT COOL.

Overall, I thought the food was really great but felt that the service was mediocre at best. Would I return? Only at the suggestion of a friend who wants to check it out. But, there are so many other places in this area, I’m really unsure of my willingness to journey back. But, you never know, maybe they won’t charge for drinks that are supposedly included already. 


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