Sign of the Whale

Sign of the Whale is listed as one of the Best Stamford Restaurants, Best Rooftop Beer Garden Restaurants and Bars in “Harbor Point” …or what was once known as the “South End”–which was NOT so great back in the day.

But, I digress.

Sign of the Whale is a trendy go-to; they have a roof top with corn hole and an outdoor bar as well as a regular bar and restaurant set up below.

First Visit: September 15, 2015 

I went here for a girls night out on a Tuesday. We ordered the bacon wrapped scallops, the white flat bread, one beer, and four cocktails.

My friend had ordered the white sangria which was honestly terrible. It was basically pineapple juice with wine (gross! also…this is not a traditional sangria ingredient.) I had ordered the Sign of the Whale, favorite–the Strawberry Mule. It had delicious, muddled strawberries and had a good balance with the rum. Perfection.  The food was also great; every dish tastier than the next.

Overall, found the service, food, and majority of cocktails to be really good, but would avoid a white sangris.

Second Visit: April 9, 2016

Returned for another girls night out after a several months hiatus and boy, am I glad to have given this place a second chance!   We stopped by to grab a light snack and get some drinks on a Saturday night.  Our bartender was really friendly and took time to listen to our style of cocktail.  My friend ordered the fan fave–the Strawberry mule (see review above) and I ordered the new seasonal red sangria. This time, both cocktails were well done ( a huge redemption in my opinion)!  We found out from A.J., the manager, that the bartenders had been trying out their own recipes for a few months but that he created a standard red and white sangria recipe–trust me, it was a smart choice!

  The calamari was really well done, not too rubbery, not too salty.  

We also got the most amazing punch bowl–the redbull regatta! The punch bowls at Sign of the Whale are officially my go-to drink. They start out with a couple of dried ice cubes, add in regular ice and top it with a popsicle of choice (we went with the coconut) next the bartenders bring it over to your table and/or give you time to whip out your cameras for when they add the peach vodka, peach schnapps, sprite and redbull. The result is pure, delicious magic.
 On top of this fabulous meal, we stuck around for the DJ. DJ Mazz was the cherry on top of our experience! His music was perfect for a trendy place like Sign of the Whale. His combo of top40 with oldies was phenomenal.

TL; DR version:

Overall, I’ve made Sign of the Whale my new spot. Its fun, cool, and has great service. The place is always improving and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store.


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