Le Moulin A Cafe

You know when you see a super cute store front and the service is wonderful, but the food is just bleh?  I really wanted to be wowed by this place, but it just ended up being okay (& nothing really that special).

It was Sunday brunch time and a friend suggested Le Moulin as she had on her way to work everyday. We were immediately waited to by friendly staff, which is always a plus! Oh, and even got a free refill on coffee when they were late at bringing out a friend’s Eggs Benedict (BOO to charging for extra coffee, buy YAY for great service)!

Three of us ordered the EB and one ordered the Croque Madame (pictures attached). I felt like the Eggs Benedict was definitely bland–needed salt and a bit more seasoning in the hollandaise sauce. The Croque Madame seemed good, but was much different than expected.

image image


Overall, I feel like it was just okay–if you’re in the neighborhood pop in. If you’re looking to be blown away by Eggs Benedict, look somewhere else.


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