The Kati Roll Company

So I’m on my way to Saigon Shack when I get distracted (obviously) by this little hole in the wall on the same street. Now, I was taking a bar prep break and had absolutely noooo worries about not getting back in time for a practice test, but this place was SLOW. And I get it, there aren’t that many people working, customers usually order more than one, but it’s a kathi roll for crying out loud! 

Anywho, my achari paneer was pretty legit and really quite filling. It had good flavor to it; you could taste the spices 



  but it wasn’t too overpowering. 

On my way out, I noticed that it was rated a B which I won’t get into now, but let’s just say a B in NYC’s restaurant grading is NOT as good as getting a B in law school….I’m glad I didn’t see that because it would’ve definitely grossed me out, but I will say it’s worth the $5.99 (incl. tax)


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