So, you know, I get it…we’re in the ‘burbs of New York, life is supposed to be a bit slower, right? No. Not this slow at least. We came here on a Friday at 7pm. There were three other parties (a couple, a family and a girls night out group). The rest of the restaurant was empty and yet, our meals took over an hour to come out (let’s just say #hangry thoughts were happening).
When we finally called them out on it they were super nice and brought it out immediately, but didn’t care to admit the fact that they had forgotten to actually place the order. 
Nonetheless, I’m here writing them a review because it was the most fresh, Grade A sushi I’ve had in a while. It had no sign of the white “fat vein” you sometimes see in less quality sushi stops AND the color was a true reddish pink. This is the color you want to see people! I don’t care if you’re at O Ya! in Boston or at Morimoto in NYC. If you don’t see this color, send it back. 

But anyway, I digress. 
TL;DR version: this place has extremely quality fish and although it’s expensive, I’d be willing to go back again, BUT! the service was truly too slow. If you have no where to be, you’re in the clear. But think twice (or come up with a good excuse to your boss) if you choose to come here for a weekday lunch. 



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